How It Works

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We build outstanding WordPress websites for free.

Most are built in about 5 hours of work. We aren't talking big, complicated websites with a bunch of crazy functionality, but most types of websites would fit.

Generally speaking, this means that we’ll get your website online, install a professionally designed theme (so you look as fabulous online as you do in person), and set up some analytics so you can follow your website traffic.
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4 Simple Steps

Step 1: APPLY

Fill out our simple questionnaire and let us know why you would be a good fit for our service.  We carefully consider every application we receive and only accept people we're excited to help.

Step 2: SETUP

If your application is accepted, we will set you up with web hosting and get your website up and running.  This includes installing Wordpress, all the important plugins for SEO, speed and security as well as automatic backups so you never lose your data.


To make your life as easy as possible, we use a theme called Astra.  Astra is one of the best Wordpress themes out there because it is sleek, fast and secure.  It also comes with 75+ one-click-install website layouts so you can be up and running in no time at all.

We will even provide you with all the training materials you need to be able to manage your website yourself into the future.  Of course, if you ever get stuck, we're here for you too. We would never just leaving you hanging.

Step 4: HAND OFF

We will make sure your website is all ready to go and meets your specific needs. We will make sure your SEO is set up so Google finds you, your backups are configured and you are ready to reveal yourself to the world.

You'll never be alone.  We're always here to help.


The Offer

Why are these websites free???

It's simple, really.  It’s a great way for us to give back to the territory that has become our home and made us part of the USVI family. 

Plus, lets face it, there is a serious lack of decent websites in the USVI. People need them, people know they need them, but it's a daunting, expensive thing to take on.  We are trying to take all the anxiety out of it.

Besides that, it's also a great way to build connections with people who may hire us to do bigger projects in the future.  There's a great big world out there.  You never know who is going to want your product or service.  What we do know is that we have the skills to scale your free website to a global powerhouse, once you need the help.

How can you afford to give away all these website? Don't you have mouths to feed?
To put a website online, and to keep it online, you’ll need web hosting, which costs $9.99 per month (6 months up front, or 1 month free if you pay annually). We help cover our website development costs by asking you to sign up for web hosting.

We own our web server. Most of the time it's just sitting there idling waiting for something to do. It might as well be showing your products or services to the guy down the road who needs what you do.

That’s it! We simply recoup some of our costs by having you pay a very reasonable amount for hosting. Something you have to have anyway.
How do I know you're not a scam?
We're not just "some guy on the internet".  We are Matt and Melissa. We also own and run SeaView Solutions, LLC in St. Croix and a company you've never heard of called Fotan Web Design in Oregon.

Fotan has been around for 20+ years and we are still taking care of a number of clients in the states.  Many of which have been with us for 10 or 15 years.

If you're on STX and you spend any time on Facebook (and you most likely do) we are the ones who post every week about walking dogs on the beach from the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center.
What if I already have a website and web hosting?  Am I still eligible?

You'll need to sign up for hosting at our discounted rate to get access to our free-website service, but if you're looking at us, you probably aren't happy with your current website anyway.

Hosting is only $9.99/mo (6 months up front, or 1 month free if you pay annually), so we're not talking a lot of cash here.
What if I change my mind and I don't want my free website after it's done?
No problem! We're all family here, remember?

If, in the first 30 days you decide it's just not for you, cancel and get a full refund. Since we usually have you all set up and running within a couple weeks, you have plenty of time if you change your mind.
I want a free website, but I don't want to pay you to host it.
To have a webiste that other people can see, you have to have web hosting. The only other option is something like Wix, where you can't have your own domain name. Your website will always be, which kind of blows the heck out of the whole "I want to look as professional as I can" thing.

If $9.99 is too much, or you just don't feel right because you think we're just trying to scam you, we probably aren't the right people for you to work with. We only want to work with people who will appreciate us as much as we appreciate them.
Are there any hidden costs or fees?

We try to be pretty straight forward. There are only 2 things that cost money.

1. Hosting, which is a very reasonable $9.99/mo (6 months up front, or 1 month free if you pay annually).

2. A domain name, which costs between $5 and $20 per year.

We are happy to help you purchase a domain name, but it's a-ok with us if you show up to the party with your own.
What if I don't live or own a business in the USVI?
This offer is only for residents of the US Virgin Islands.  If you don't live in the territory, or own and run a business that is registered in the US Virgin Islands, then I'm afraid we can't give you a free website.

If you are outside the US Virgin Islands, we are still happy to help you out.  Just look us up at


How do I apply?
Just click here.
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What do you look for in an application?

We carefully review each application that comes our way. What we are looking for is:

  • Do you live in the territory?
  • Do we like the general idea for the website?
  • Is the idea well formed, or does it need more work?
  • Does the person want a simple but beautiful website?
  • Are they ready to get started very soon?
How long does it take you to review an application?
Not long at all.  There are only two of us, so there's really not much of a committee.

We generally see an application within minutes and have a chance to discuss it within a day.  As soon as the whole discussion part is done, we will get back to you right away.

The Work

What do you use to build the website?
We use Wordpress, the most popular content management system for websites. 

WordPress stats for 2021 are pretty impressive:

  • 62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US (Inc. 5000) use WordPress.
  • Over 500 new sites are created daily using the free version of Wordpress gotten from
  • uses Wordpress
  • Seventy million new blog posts pop up every month.
What kind of website will I get?
We typically build a 5-7 page website with pages like About, Services, Contact, Products, Home... (you can choose the pages, these are just examples).
How does the design process work?

The best way to make sure your website looks its best is to use a professionally designed theme. There are Wordpress themes built by professional graphic designers and they will make your website look fantastic!

We recommend using the Astra theme that we pre-install with your website.  It's a lightweight, professionally developed and updated theme that is used on hundreds of thousands of Wordpress websites.  It also has a library of pre-made design sets you can choose from and install in a couple clicks.  Then you can pretty much do any kind of customization you want including color, layout, font, photos, buttons, etc.

We will explore the options with you and help you to make a decision about which design set, if any, is right for you. Once you’ve decided, we’ll ask you to let us know how you’d like the template changed or edited, and we’ll get to work on getting your website to look the way you want!

How long will it take?

Assuming you get back to our emails promptly and don’t request any complex additional features, figure a couple weeks. If you take longer to think about your content, design, logo, etc., that’s no problem for us, it just pushes the timeline a little.  We will work at your pace.

Will I have full control over my own website?

Yes, 100%. Once we’re done working on your website, you can delete our user account (which is what gives us access to the back-end of your website) taking away our ability to make edits or changes to your website. We will not own your website nor control it in any way.

If you think you might want some help down the road, leaving our account in place is a good idea.  We would have no reason to log into your site to monkey around with it unless you asked us to.  It's always a good idea to leave a login for the developer, just in case, but it's your call.

Can I edit my own website? Add pages and stuff?


When we finish the website, we’ll send you a link to our support site that includes tutorials and detailed instructions to do pretty much everything you could need to do (so you don’t need to hire a web developer).

You’ll be in full control and you’ll have the resources you need to continue to make refinements and updates yourself to whatever you wish: the buttons, text, content, photos, and every other element of the website.

Do you provide long-term support for my website?

Yes and no.

We never quibble over answering questions. We have been doing this a very long time and love to share our knowledge.  However, unless you’re building something pretty complex, you shouldn’t need our help.

WordPress is quite easy to use, and we’ll be providing you with the training materials you need in order to manage your own website (which is pretty easy).

If you get in a real pickle, we're always here.  If what you need is more involved than we can do for free, we'll let you know about how long it will take us to take care of it and what that will cost.  It will be up to you if you want to hire us, or not.  Though we sure hope you do.  We hate to see people struggle with technology.

Ready to get started?

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